Vol 11, No 2 (2010)

Table of Contents


Transportation Needs of Entrepreneurs in Wroclaw Agglomeration – Study Results PDF
Marcin Pawęska, Agnieszka Tubis, Zenon Zamiar
Representations of Development Concentration in Models Based on the Idea of Intervening Opportunities PDF
Elżbieta Chądzyńska
Types of Computer Models in Spatial Planning PDF
Elżbieta Litwińska
Continuity of Entrepreneurial Activities and Enterprise Risk Management PDF
Jozef Klučka
The Impact of Sea-River Ports on Spatial Development of Cities PDF
Karolina Krośnicka
Simulation as a Method of Choosing the Order Picking Concept PDF
Marek Gałązka, Michał Jakubiak
Strategies of Effective and Reactive Supply Chains PDF
Jacek Rudnicki
An Analysis of Stochastic Inventory Control Models in Reverse Logistics Systems Based on a Periodic Review PDF
Marcin Plewa
Chosen Operational and Logistic Aspects Determining the Optimizing Space of the Polish Armed Forces Logistic System PDF
Kazimierz Kowalski, Sławomir Hajt, Grzegorz Stankiewicz
Modeling the Influence of Fixed-route Network Operational System on the Area Service Quality PDF
Piotr Czaja
An Analysis of Stochastic Inventory Control Models in Reverse Logistics Systems Based on a Continuous Review PDF
Marcin Plewa


Analysis and Assessment of Transport Potential of E70 Waterway PDF
Izabela Kotowska
Analysis of the Relation between Serious Incident and Accident in Air Traffic PDF
Jacek Skorupski
Simulation Study on Stiffness of Suspension Seat in the Aspect of the Vibration Assessment Affecting a Vehicle Driver PDF
Andrzej Gągorowski
Assessment of Drivers’ Reaction Times. Tests on the Track and in the Driving Simulator PDF
Marek Guzek, Zbigniew Lozia, Rafał S. Jurecki, Tomasz L. Stańczyk, Wiesław Pieniążek
Inland Water Transport as a Factor Influencing Mega-Ports and Seaport Cities Development (from the European North Sea Perspective) PDF
Andrzej S. Grzelakowski
Combined (Intermodal) Transport Market in Poland in 1993-2009 PDF
Leszek Mindur

ISSN: 1734-2015