Simulation Study on Stiffness of Suspension Seat in the Aspect of the Vibration Assessment Affecting a Vehicle Driver

Andrzej Gągorowski


This paper presents an original approach to the problem of the optimal stiffness evaluation in a suspension of driver seat for the best reduction of human vibration (whole-body vibration). The basic idea is to take into consideration the individual personal features (biomechanical parameters) of a human being in the process of vibrations assessment. In this article the author presents a complete system to the influence analysis of suspension stiffness on driver vibrations. It consists of the following subsystems: biomechanical model of human representing a specific driver, model of seat with suspension and adjustable spring, model of vehicle, subsystem of road excitation and module for signals processing. The actual research has focused on numerical simulations in the environment Matlab-Simulink-SimMechanics.


vehicle driver ; seat ; vibrations ; suspension stiffness

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