Simulation as a Method of Choosing the Order Picking Concept

Marek Gałązka, Michał Jakubiak


The analysis of the three, main, heuristics approaches outlining the order picking routes in a warehouse, is a subject of this paper. Order picking is the most laborious warehouse process and it contributes to 55% - 65% of all the costs of operations performed in a warehouse. The most time consuming order picking activity, according to the research, is transfer which is closely related to, adopted by a given company, system of transfer and movement between the points of taking the order, places of pick up, and points of release. Even the small shifts of commodities, on short distances, play a very important part in modern dynamic economy. On the basis of a simple model of a warehouse owned by an authentic company, a computer program was created, which helps in simulation of the three, main heuristics approaches to outline the routes, so as to make the order picking process as short as possible.


method of choosing ; simulation

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