Vol 25, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


Editorial 2015/1 PDF PDF PDF
Piotr Czaja 1-4


The Place of Reverse Logistics in the Modern Society PDF
Yevhen Krykawskyy, Nazar Fihun 5-12
A Concept of the Baltic Institute of Logistics as a Centre of Logistic Excellence Set up in Słupsk, Pomerania Province, Poland PDF
Ryszard Karol Miler, Witold Andruszkiewicz, Bohdan Pac, Wiesław Staniuk 13-24
IT Solutions as an Important Instrument for Enhancing Competitiveness of the Logistics of Liquid Fuels in Poland PDF
Tomasz Weremij 25-32
Factors Determining the Selection of a Logistic Operator PDF
Anna Wiktorowska-Jasik 33-42


Methods of Physical and Mental Testing of Vehicle Drivers and Its Role in Road Traffic Safety Improvement PDF
Mirosław Antonowicz, Marek Zielinski 43-56
Main Particulars Optimisation of a Sea-Going Ferry for a Given Shipping Route PDF
Jarosław Artyszuk, Stanisław Gucma 57-62
Multiplication of Air Accidents Frequency and Hazard Desirability Coefficients for ICAO Safety Risk Tolerability Matrix Solution PDF
Sergey Pavlovich Borsuk, Oleksiy Reva, Volodymyr Kharchenko 63-70
Connections between the Dry Bulk Freight Index and the Cyclical Economic Activity of the G7 Countries PDF
Natalia Wagner 71-82
The Baltic – Adriatic Transport Corridors – Natural Environment of Logistics Infrastructure Development on the Polish Baltic Sea Coast PDF
Szymon Wiśniewski 83-92

Logistics Education

Adaptation of the “7 Rights” Model to Education of Logistics Engineers PDF
Ryszard Karol Miler, Bohdan Pac 93-102

ISSN: 1734-2015