Vol 14, No 1 (2012)

Table of Contents


Creating Trade Plans of Strategy Development with Foresight Methodology PDF
Sylwester Markusik, Maria Cieśla
Coherence of Cluster on Efficiency of Logistic Process PDF
Jolanta Staszewska
Logistics Education and Students’ Expectations PDF
Natalia Pawlak, Izabela Kudelska
Ensuring Process Continuity of Multifaceted and Hybrid Supply Chains in Maritime Area PDF
Joanna Pleszko
Innovative Suppliers as a Source of Risk for Manufacturing Companies PDF
Danuta Kisperska-Moroń, Edyta Klosa
Spatial Distribution of Flows in Transportation Networks. A Model Based on Bounded Rationality Assumption PDF
Sławomir Dorosiewicz
Reverse Logistics Inventory Model for Reusable Product Parts PDF
Anna Jodejko-Pietruczuk, Marcin Plewa
The Support for Clustering Development in Polish Realities PDF
Jan Kaźmierski


Analysis of the Relations between the Road Category and the Fatality of Road Transport Accidents PDF
Leon Prochowski
Condition and Prospects of a River Transport of Poland in Transport System of Baltic Sea Region PDF
Igor Arefyev
Ground-Based Localization of Means of Municipal Transport with Use of Long-Range RFID PDF
Marek Sumiła
Protection of Critical Infrastructure PDF
Miloslav Seidl, Ladislav Šimák
Reliability and Safety of Technical Means in Critical Infrastructure with Respect to Fatigue Damage Processes PDF
Bohuš Leitner, Vladimír T. Míka
Transport of Emergency Drinking Water Supplies to Population PDF
Miroslav Tomek, Júlia Jakubčeková
The Application of Simple Simulations of Loading Operations for the Chosen Container Terminal PDF
Mateusz Zając

ISSN: 1734-2015