Vol 10, No 1 (2010)

Table of Contents


The Functioning of Supply Chains in Uncertain Economy PDF
Halina Brdulak
Investment Profitability Evaluation on the Basis of Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and Discount Method (NPV) PDF
Izabela Dziaduch
Selected Aspects of Model Approach to Logistics System of Poland PDF
Marianna Jacyna, Dariusz Pyza, Mariusz Wasiak, Tomasz Nowakowski
The Concept for the Design of Production Logistics Networks of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises PDF
Sebastian Saniuk
The Improvement of the Supply Process for the Variable Demand Goods PDF
Agnieszka Tubis, Natalia Szozda
An OWAS-based Analysis of Storekeeper Workloads PDF
Katarzyna Grzybowska
Environmental Changes And New Dimension Of Security PDF
Vladimír T. Míka
Influence of Cluster Coherence on Efficiency of Logistic Process PDF
Jolanta Staszewska
The Meaning of Logistics in Production Enterprises PDF
Maja Kiba, Anna Saniuk
Product Liability as The Crucial Factor in The Risk Management PDF
Małgorzata Maternowska
The Instruments of Urban Logistics and Mobility Management of Population PDF
Sabina Kauf
The Potentials in the Integration of Planning Enterprise Activity PDF
Agnieszka Tubis
Time Dependencies in Supply Chain Perfomance Process PDF
Sylwia Werbińska-Wojciechowska


Infrastructure Improvement as a Means to Railway Transport Development in Poland PDF
Edward Mendyk
Multicriteria Evaluation of Designing Transportation System within Distribution Sub-Systems PDF
Dariusz Pyza
Is “Mobile Road” Profitable? PDF
Mateusz Zając

ISSN: 1734-2015