Rationalisation Methods of Transport and Logistics Processes, Taking Into Account the Economic, Social and Environmental

Leszek Mindur, Marcin Hajdul


The current model of organization of supply chains results in inefficient use of transport resources, high transport costs, increasing congestions and CO2 emission. This effect has been demonstrated by research conducted by the authors, as well as by the European Environmental Agency. This situation can be changed by development of alternative business model for collaboration in organisation of the transport processes within the supply chains. The aim of this paper is to present practical implementation of the T-Scale platform that enables collaboration among independent transport users and transport service providers. Moreover, an overview of existing communication platform with its major functionalities are presented. The work is summarized by the major benefits of collaboration achieved by the group of companies operating in the FMCG sector in Poland.


virtual collaboration, sharing supply chains, communication platforms, load factor, empty runs

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