Vol 24, No 4 (2014)

Table of Contents


Editorial 2014/4 PDF PDF PDF PDF
Anna Dzikowska 1-6


Maintenance Optimization for Transport Vehicles in a Supply Chain PDF
Nidhal Rezg, Dellagi Sofiene, Hajej Zied 7-14
Cooperative Games in Integration of Supply Chain on the Example of Purchasing Groups PDF
Andrzej Rzeczycki 15-20


Modelling of Some Stealth Features for a Small Navy Ship at the Concept Design Stage PDF
Natalia Formela, Mirosław Kazimierz Gerigk 21-30

Logistics Education

Educational Tasks of Logistics in the Knowledge-Based Economy PDF
Jan Bujko, Ayite Senah Ajavon 31-36
New Technologies in the Global Aero - Space Engineering Education PDF
Marek Foriash, Volodymyr Kharchenko, Dmytro Bugayko 37-44
Challenges of Innovation in the Developing Countries. The Need for Engineers' Education PDF
Maciej Klósak, Ilias Majdouline 45-48
Engineering Graduate Studies for Public Security Professionals: the Bachelor Thesis at the End of the Studies PDF
Jose Antonio Loya, Fernando Moure, Carlos Edgar Moreno, Marcos Rodríguez, Anselmo del Moral, Emilio José Verón, Maria Henar Miguelez 49-52
The Current Role and Advantages of Self-Education PDF
Róbert Magda 53-58
Challenges of Aviation Personnel Training at Higher Educational Institutions PDF
Anatolii Polukhin, Iryna Zarubinska 59-64
Enhancing the Management Level of Critical Infrastructure Protection PDF
Miloslav Seidl, Ladislav Šimák, Jozef Ristvej 65-76
Modern Technologies in the Engineer Academic Teaching for the Transport Infrastructure Engineering Course PDF
Andrzej Surowiecki, Michal Zieliński 77-80


Correction referring to the Article ‘Optimisation of Railway Polynomial Transition Curves with Different Number of Terms’ PDF
Piotr Czaja 81-82
Review of the monograph "Transport Technology" edited by Leszek Mindur PDF
Jerzy Merkisz 83-86

ISSN: 1734-2015