Airbus versus Boeing – which Company will Win?

Joanna Hawlena


According to market analysis and their prognosis, passenger air transportation will be characterized by a higherdevelopment pace than other branches. There are, however, discrepancies as to the type of aircrafts used. The biggest uncertainty as to the assessment of the prognosis accuracy is the problem of predicting the tempo and the scope of fuel price changes, which is the main component of the costs incurred by airlines. In the coming years the number of air passengers will be rising at a rapid pace. Such a considerable increase in the number of air passengers will most probably make it necessary to double the number of the planes exploited as well as increase their capacity and reduce fuel consumption per passenger in accordance with the EU Climate Package regulations. The air fleet adjustment of the quantity and quality changes to the changing market conditions leaves aircraft constructors faced with unprecedented challenges of mass transportation of people and cargo.


Boeing; Airbus

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