The Use of Drones and Autonomous Vehicles in Logistics and Delivery

Ian Nurgaliev, Youssef Eskander


The logistics and delivery industry is facing challenges such as high transportation costs, difficulty in meeting customer demands, and environmental concerns. However, the integration of drone and autonomous vehicle technology can address these challenges by reducing transportation costs, increasing speed and reliability of delivery, and improving efficiency. The use of drones and autonomous vehicles can bring significant benefits such as increased efficiency, cost savings, improved safety, increased accessibility, and real-time tracking. Despite the potential benefits, there are still regulatory, technical, and financial barriers to overcome before a widespread adoption of these technologies. The use of drones and autonomous vehicles in the logistics and delivery industry is rapidly growing, with companies like Amazon, UPS, DHL actively experimenting with the use of these technologies. However, there are several challenges and limitations that must be overcome before they can be widely adopted, such as safety and regulatory requirements, weather and environmental conditions, battery life and range, navigation, and public perception.


logistics and delivery, drones and autonomous vehicles, efficiency, cost savings, challenges and limitations

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