Managing the Intellectual Capital of an Organization

Tadeusz Popkowski, Zbigniew Ścibiorek


The article - based on the research - emphasizes the importance of employees in a modern organization that functions in an extremely volatile and at the same time demanding environment. Variability, combined with the processes of internationalization of a number of phenomena and requirements resulting from the Industrial Revolution 4.0, directly forces the need for continuous improvement of competences by the company's staff. On the other hand, managers should rationally use their intellectual potential in order to strengthen their position on the market and dominate the competition. It is essential to take actions aimed at encouraging employees to invest in themselves. Then there will be a mutual benefit: for a specific person and company for which he works. Creating a climate for acquiring knowledge will make an organization a learning and successful business organization. In such a company, intellectual capital management will become a process where any employee will be treated subjectively, and will be a co-creator of the success of his/her organization.


management, changes, organization, knowledge, investing in personnel

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