The Supplier Selection Process in Regional Terms – Case Study Analysis

Barbara Galińska, Renata Pisarek-Bartoszewska


The article presents the supplier selection procedure, which is one of the key elements of the whole procurement process, carried out in each business entity. Particular attention was paid to the regional aspect of the issue. It has also been presumed that in the case study, only local suppliers will be taken into account. Such assumption (including close distance between potential supplier and a company) fosters e.g. reduction of costs and delivery time, enhances all supply chain and enables implementation of modern management concepts. In times of strong competition, all these aspects have become particularly important. In the phase of computational experiments, which aimed at ranking and selection of the most desired supplier in the case study, multiple criteria ranking methods - Electre III/IV and Promethee II have been applied.


logistics, supplier, multiple criteria ranking, Electre III/IV, Promethee II

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