Pipeline Transportation of Goods

Ivan Barancik, Libor Kavka, V Strakos


The article includes the concept of the "underground transport of materials in Europe". Europe is a very densely populated area and there are more and more such areas where people find jobs and better living conditions meeting their needs. Densely populated area requires a large amount of materials, energy, food, water, etc., which must be transported to these areas on a daily basis. Conversely, all the waste and the products of the activities of these areas must be transferred to other places. This gives rise to high demands for transport, the quantity of the transported material and the transport speed. This also results in creating a large space for storage, transshipment, railway stations, airports, etc. The only way to solve this traffic problem of the future is, according to the authors, the underground transport of materials between the densely populated areas. The solution to this problem is outlined in almost the whole extent of the problem from the choice of transport routes to organizing their operation. The aim of this project is to transport goods and materials; in no case do we discuss transport of people.


Pipeline transport of goods, pipeline transport, permanent development of transport, protection of nature.

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