The Place of Reverse Logistics in the Modern Society

Yevhen Krykawskyy, Nazar Fihun


Logistics of modernity embodies the principles and approaches without implementation of which it is not possible to talk about competitiveness of enterprise, about its future prospects of successful development. Logistics creates the conditions under which the flow (of materials, information, finance, humans) becomes the main indicator of enterprises "life", highlights the effectiveness of management, capacity in a particular field, emphasizes the weaknesses and opportunities to eliminate them, indicating the flexibility and sustainability of the enterprise to risk situations. Logistics as an instrument, as a process, as the technology is able to build a delay-free system of enterprise functioning, to create favourable conditions for cooperation with suppliers, intermediaries, dealers and distributors, to form a coordinated flow inside the company, to provide an adequate consumer loyalty through high level of logistics


reverse logistics, logistics flows, product lifecycle

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