A Concept of the Baltic Institute of Logistics as a Centre of Logistic Excellence Set up in Słupsk, Pomerania Province, Poland

Ryszard Karol Miler, Witold Andruszkiewicz, Bohdan Pac, Wiesław Staniuk


Due to the insufficient critical mass of scientific expertise, and location between two the most developed centres of science in Pomerania, the Słupsk region has suffered from the lack of scientific coordination of its economic, social and cultural development. This paper, based on SWOT analysis prepared by authors, provides a comprehensive concept of a new scientific centre of excellence to be established in Słupsk. The Baltic Institute of Logistic headquartered in Słupsk (when established) will provide the necessary scientific expertise (think tank) and will play the coordinating role in assuring the growth and competitive position of the City of Słupsk and its entire region as well as contribute to the Intelligent Specialization Smart Port & City of the Pomerania Province (playing the role of the centre of logistics excellence).


Baltic Institute of Logistics, centre of excellence, Pomerania Province

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