Problems of World Air Transportation Market Globalization

Dmytro Bugayko, Mykola Kulyk, Volodymyr Kharchenko, Oksana Ilienko


The principles of civil aviation safety and efficiency in conditions of air transportation market globalization are considered. The paper paid special attention to the civil aviation threats and risks in the context of globalization processes. The paper deals with problems of changes of multilateral and bilateral regulations philosophy, the liberalization of airlines designation, national ownership and control provisions, the development of airline alliances, code-sharing agreements and franchising, the development of low-cost carriers operations, the outsourcing of ground handling, aircraft repair and maintenance, the globalization and commercialization of airports and air navigation service providers, the significant growth of air cargo and logistics transportations.


globalization, liberalization, effectiveness, efficiency, safety, security, air carriers, airports, ATC providers

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