Model of Container Transport System in Long Distance Freightage – Analysis and Optimalization of Supply Chain

Augustyn Krzysztof Lorenc


This  article  is  about the integration idea of  rail  and  road  long-distance  transport    to  increase  the efficiency of the transport chain. The article compared two transport models - conventional (using road transport) and intermodal transport (using road and rail transport). The proposed intermodal model uses the Container Transport System for  freight  transport  in  relation: consolidation  point (company) – container  terminal – rail  transport – container  terminal – deconsolidation  point and  radial  transport  system  of  road  transport  to  ensure  door-to-door delivery.  The  model was examined to optimize cost, time, capacity and environmental factors. Moreover, in the article the main features of both models were identified and compared. Freight rates and the prices given in the article are consistent with the actual rates charged by carriers, but they are not an offer


Container transport system, supply chain, international transport, transport model, optimization of freight transport, UTI

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