Ensuring Process Continuity of Multifaceted and Hybrid Supply Chains in Maritime Area

Joanna Pleszko


The supply chain formula based on strict close interdependence between all its elements causes the smallest disturbance in one of the links to menace the whole supply chain, which is why it is so important for the participants to identify the weakest links of the supply chain and indicating, through complex analysis, potential situations threatening the realization of the whole process; this is possible by respecting unified criteria of proceeding both on domestic and regional level, and on global scale. Safety management in the supply chain is a process aimed at determining areas menacing its proper functioning. An element of this process is undertaking suitable activities, using proper means to eliminate risk or minimise the consequences of its occurrence. Along with economic development increased risk can be observed, as well as qualitative  changes in the character of appearing threats transposed from  previous well recognizable, mainly fate kind of risks, to categories pertaining to the conditions of activities and process realization. What is important, in the case of hybrid supply network, the threat bound with conduct of activity exceeds the framework of a single enterprise. As a consequence, the appearance of risk in any link or stage of process realization significantly affects the whole supply chain.
The article presents guidelines aimed at ensuring the continuity of the functioning of certain processes, the assumed level by providing the resources and commitment of top management, the critical parameters identified and proposed solutions dealing with crisis situation.
It was noted that an appropriate response to this situation depends not only on the availability of information about the incident, but also awareness and competence of employees. Modern hybrid form characterized by high complexity of the organizational, structural and task require all participants in the supply chain of involvement in the process and creating a positive image. Effective management of multi-level logistic network can not be confined only to the traditional and well-knows methods but requires uncommon merger holistic solution.


business continuity ; risk ; incident ; management system ; supply chain ; management strategies ; process approach ; hybrid structures ; sea ports

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