Using Simulation Approach in an Assembly Line Implementation Project: a General and Qualitative Feedback

Renato Guimaraes, Thierry Houé


In companies, the simulation has been used for over thirty years through analytical support and has improved production, handling and logistics. Simulation tools are very frequent and support the analysis process for the design and control of operations management and distribution. With the recent development of supply chain management, firms are part of more complex supply chains. The modelization and the evaluation of the links of these chains are vital for overall performance and to reveal strategic and inter-organizational issues that may appear. The work described in this paper is the result of a study that was conducted as part of a project to establish a new assembly line in an existing plant. The main objective of this paper is to present a summary review of the simulation potential in the design and the management of an industrial process through feedback. The paper also attempts to highlight mistakes that can be made in such projects.


industrial logistics ; project ; assembly line ; simulation ; complex problems

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