Traditional purchising and purchasing strategy

Maciej Tylkowski


The reason for considering the above mentioned contepts was experience gained by the author during internships in one of the polish firms engaded in professional consulting in the field of purchising process optimalisation. In the article an attempt was made to define the traditional way of purchising in average polish company and to show the reasons for such a situation. On the basis of such defined and simplified purchasing activities it was shown that it is complex and hard process requiring well-thought-of and planned strategy.There was also the importance of quality of human resources in the realisation of this strategy discussed. The author showed the meaning of interdisciplinarity of purchasing organisations responsibility. There was signallised, what is the importance of modern information tools for discessed processes. The author tried to give arguments, how to build relations between buyer and supplier. Should they be based on profit maximalisations or on relations between partners? The growth of awarness of the firms connected to the necessarity of process based approach to company management was shown.


traditional purchising; purchasing strategy

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