Legnica Airport as a Potential Airport of Pan-European Transport Corridor III

Jakub Marszałkiewicz


Legnica airbase is one of the oldest objects of that type at Lower Silesia (Dolny Śląsk) district. It has been built before WW I as an airfield for German aeronautic service. During years 1944-1993, Legnica airbase was used by Soviet Army as air transport base for local command of Warsaw Pact forces. Next Legnica airbase was overtaken by Polish local authority which unfortunately didn't have concrete and definite plans of using that airport, although it has excellent location due to industry and logistic infrastructure. In result, during 1990. Legnica airport (ICAO code: EPLE) was used rather rarely, and sometimes handled light sport or business air traffic. At present in conditions of European Union (especially in case of III Pan European Transport Corridor), Legnica airport can be very useful.


European Transport Corridor ; Legnica airport

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