Application of fuzzy sets to planning of chain delivery supplies

Katarzyna Topolska, Mariusz Topolski


The article shows supply planning model with using soft methods of calculation. Supplies prediction is rather stochastic process than deterministic one. The changing market demand influences by different factors which can be difficult to predict cause big problems in prognostic procedures. Applying solution based on fuzzy set cause that conclusions based on uncertain or imprecision data gives better solutions than statistics method (in the meaning of proper prognosis). In this work it has been shown sequential model of supply planning, which takes into account some predetermined trajectory of former observations. Very important element of such a model is sensitivity on season changes and big adaptation to new emerged predetermined trend changes. In the following part of the work it has been shown the results of investigations based on experimental data, which tried out efficacy of proposed prognosis (together with estimation error).


supply planning model; soft methods of calculation

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