Is the New Public-Private Partnership Act a Chance for Investors of the Logistic Centres?

Janusz Zierkiewicz


The author of the article puts the thesis that the act about public-private partnership from 2005 had several faults that made it impossible to carry into effect in the economical practice. The new act is eliminating a part of these barriers. The introduced new legal solutions should be in remedy to budget problems of the local government units, and also be a help for companies struggling with economical crisis, and also for the investors of the logistic centers.


Investments; Public-Private Partnership Act

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Ustawa z 28 lipca 2005 o partnerstwie publiczno-prywatnym Dz.U. nr 165, poz. 1420, 2005.

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Ustawa z 19 grudnia 2008 roku o partnerstwie publiczno-prywatnym, Dz.U. nr 19, poz.100, 2009.


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