An assessment of services offered by PKP regional transport according to students

Joost Platje


In this paper the results of a questionnaire among students of private and public institutions of higher education in Opole and Wrocław on an assessment of the services of Polish State Railways (PKP) is presented. As almost 79% of the sample has a driver's license and almost 52% possess a car, while 65% of the students who do not possess a car would like to buy one as soon as possible, it can be expected that the demand for railway services by this group is likely to decline in the future. In general, car use is assessed more positively than train use. Interesting is the assessment of cost of useing car and train, which according to the respondents do not differ. Some factors that can be changed in order to keep the demand for PKP services at least at the same level are indicated. In some cases change can be (initially) expensive, e.g. increasing the number of connections. However, improvement of cleanliness is not always accompanied by an increase in costs.


students; regional transportation; PKP

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