The intelligent logistical system in the car and spare parts' production

Mariusz Topolski, Katarzyna Topolska


The logistics of the car and spare parts' production is an essential problem of contemporary economy. The widely understood methods of data optimalization, production management, transport and data bases - are the basis of attaining company profits. The adequate systems managing production, i.e. MRP, MRPII, enriched by artificial intelligence methods, do assist production processes very well. The classic optimalization methods do not, however, allow the full analysis of imprecise and insufficient data. Unfortunately, the above methods signalling the future of production management systems are not widely used and their application requires the use of high class specialists, having the knowledge and being able to implement the intelligent modules, and the cells in which they can be applied so they can fully optimalize, integrating all fragments of logistical chain.


intelligent logistics systems; cars; spare parts' production

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