The automotive industry and the rise of transportation costs: from an economic to an ecological view

Thierry Houé, Mirko Kehr, Renato Guimaraes, Jerzy Dudek


In a global world, the leaders of the automotive industry must think about the decisions of location of their production sites and their global transport policy. Since the end of the eighties, the "Supply Chain View" has influenced the location of the production sites in low cost countries (Christopher, 2005). The central theme of this work is to analyse the impact of a change in transport costs inside this new model of organization. This research aims to analyse the impact of the intercontinental transport costs on the car manufacturing industry till 2020. The main objective is to show the impact of an increase of the oil price in the general model of Supply Chain and provide some guidelines for the transport strategy in this sector.


transportation costs; location; sustainable development; automotive industry

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