Multi-Criteria Evaluation and Ranking of Suppliers - Case Study Analysis

Barbara Galińska, Riccardo Rossi


The article presents a coherent methodology of a multiple criteria evaluation of suppliers in furniture industry covering: definition of a set of variants - laminated chipboards suppliers, definition of a consistent family of criteria that allows for their comprehensive evaluation, modeling of decision maker’s (DM’s) preferences (including: the definition of the importance of criteria and the DM’s sensitivity towards changes of criteria values) and finally computational experiments resulting in the final ranking of suppliers. Six suppliers have been taken into consideration. In the family of criteria evaluating the suppliers, 9 measures have been taken into account. These have included, among others: product price, product quality, timeliness and reliability of delivery or cost of delivery. In the computational phase a selected MCDM/A ranking method which is Electre III/IV has been applied.


Suppliers selection problem, Ranking of suppliers, Multiple Criteria Decision Making/ Aiding (MCDM/A), Electre III/IV method

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