Verification of the modernized technological process through TPM indicators

Edward Michlowicz, Katarzyna Smolińska



Storage of zinc wastes is associated with a high risk of environmental pollution. The way to manage the problem is using  the waste materials in the transition process, the final product of which is the zinc oxide concentrate. Transition process is technologically complex and every failure to the discipline results in a large number of unscheduled stops. Such an issue was encountered by B. Recycling. An update of environmental regulations has forced a comprehensive modernization of the technology lines used. Implementation of new solutions brought the necessity of examination and evaluation of the effectiveness of the process. In the paper the analysis conducted for this purpose are described. The elements of TPM method were selected as the test method. The OEE, MTBF and MTTR values for the individual process lines and additionally for the most problematic subassemblies were determined basing on the research and collected data.


Keywords: Total Productive Maintenance, OEE, MTTR, MTBF

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