Strategic approach in logistics

Piotr Daniluk


The article features the problem of strategic approach in logistics. In the first part of the article the need of strategic insight into companies activities was stressed resulting most of all from more and more dynamic transformations taking place in their environment. Only using the strategic management tools may meet such challenges of managing a logistic system. The main pillars of strategic approach in logistics include the environment and strategy. Consequently, the logistic system environment and its structure was defined and methods of its analysis were presented. Scenario (qualitative) and non-scenario (quantitative) concepts of analysis were recognized as the basic ways of researching the logistic system environment. The macro environment concept was adapted directly from management sciences, whereas the micro environment structure was based on a modification of a model designed by M.E. Porter. The article also points out various possibilities to take advantage of H.I. Ansoff s and E.M. Porter's concepts relating to forming logistic strategies. Thus the importance of logistic strategies operating in higher than functional way was shown.


strategy; logistics

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