Integrated Maintenance-Quality strategies taking into account the impact of the system degradation on the quality of output products.

A. Gouiaa-Mtibaa, S. Dellagi, Z. Achour, W. Erray


This paper deals with integrated models joining maintenance and quality. We consider a manufacturing system composed of a single machine subject to an increased random failure rate and producing conforming and non-conforming items. In order to decrease the random failure rate and its impact on the quality of output products, a bloc type preventive maintenance strategy with minimal repair is considered. Our study consists in developing integrated analytical models joining maintenance and quality in order to determine the optimal preventive maintenance plan taking into account the progressive quality perturbation and the economic impact of reworking activities. Two strategies are developed. In fact, for the first strategy, we propose reworking activities for all non-conforming products in order to improve their quality condition and to sell all batches at the best price Pmax. The aim of this strategy is to found the optimal number of batches produced and reworked N* before each preventive maintenance action, maximizing the total net profit per time unit PT1. For the second strategy, the same problem is studied but for a finite horizon. Two mathematical models are developed in order to find the optimal value of the decision variable N* for both strategies. Numerical examples are presented in order to illustrate proposed models and a sensitivity study is developed to evaluate the influence of the variation of some parameters. 

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