Operating Determinants of Maintaining the Operational State of Container Terminal Equipment

Andrzej Kocielski


Science has developed a number of sophisticated assets maintenance theories and methodologies. However, the example of complex systems, like container terminals, shows that these advanced strategies are not always practically viable. The nature of the transportation industry requires a unique approach, combining two different aspirations – global solutions, on the one hand, and consideration of the individual needs and local circumstances of a terminal on the other. Equipment manufacturers, due to the small batch volume, usually apply nominally traditional maintenance strategies, which, however, elude specific factors that occur locally or only in certain situations. This work aims at drawing readers’ attention to this issue, by providing several cases, where the general solutions prove insufficient to local requirements of different nature. It also advocates for the development of customised maintenance strategy for a specific case.


container; terminal; equipment; maintenance; strategy; optimization; local; determinants; factors; customization; asset; management; rtg; lcc

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