Analysis of the Possibilities of Using VI Corridor of Transport for the Alternative Export of Bulk Cargo from Upper Silesia (Poland) to the Mediterranean Countries

Sylwester Markusik, Przemysław Mateusiak, Damian Gąska


The article assesses the possibility of activation of transport and logistics services in relation Silesia – Trieste - Alexandria and by continuation towards India. The increasing demand for transport on this route, where the section will be located onshore in the sixth (and part of fifth) transport corridor and the forecast of traffic on the route for transportation of bulk materials, justify launching intermodal connections there. It is expected that the market for transport in the analyzed route will have significant bulk loads (coal, coke) in the area of Silesia, in the direction to the south of Europe and further by maritime transport to customers in Egypt and India (coke plants, steel mills).


intermodal, transportation corridors, bulk materials, transportation costs

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