The Technical and Operational Aspects of the Introduction of Electric – Powered Buses to the Public Transportation System

Sylwester Markusik, Stanisław Krawiec, Bogusław Łazarz, Grzegorz Karoń, Ryszard Janecki, Grzegorz Sierpiński, Krzysztof Krawiec


Because of the need of introducing ecologically clean transport technologies, activities bound up with using electric propulsion in motor vehicles operating in public transport are undertaken. Technical and operational possibilities of introducing electric–powered buses to the communal public transport are shown in the article. The operation of that kind of fleet requires appropriate technical infrastructure involving charging electric-powered urban transport. Simultaneously, former experiences show strong mutual connection between technical sphere and organizational system of communal public transport in agglomerations. Hence, essential significance among other things is given to the layout of the functioning bus lines network and the organisation of bus operations on the lines (timetable). The models of the technical, organizational, economical and ecological links enabling optimal choice of type of bus propulsion were worked out, with the aim of solving this problem rationally.


public transport, traction batteries, traffic models, technical infrastructure

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