The Effects of Globalisation on Logistics in Europe and in Hungary

Róbert Magda


Transportation is essential for the functioning of the economy since mobility greatly supports growth and job creation. The transport sector in the EU employs about 10 million people and provides approximately 5% of the GDP. The efficiency of the transport systems is a prerequisite for competitiveness and significantly affects the quality of life of people. Logistics plays a key role in terms of sustainable and competitive mobility in Europe and other objectives, such as a cleaner environment, security of energy supply, and widely available transport facilities. The use of safe and environmentally friendly vehicles is the main priority of all modes of transportation. The key changes include alternative fuels, new materials, new propulsion systems as well as information technology and traffic management techniques. The organization of the transportation of raw materials and finished products within and outside the EU depends on the efficient operation of logistic networks. This is primarily an industrial activity and creating the right framework conditions is the responsibility of the relevant authorities.
In my study I analysed the situation of logistics in Europe and in Hungary. In order to exploit the benefits and to avoid the disadvantages of globalization the European Union implements structural changes which I describe and analyse.
Considering the EU and Hungary this paper covers the following areas:
− The effects of globalisation,
− The climate-, energy-, and environment protection policy of the EU and their connection to logistics,
− Tendencies in the changes of the transport sector,
− The possible changes in passenger and freight transport,
− The characteristics of the infrastructure and the requirements for its development,
− Future prospects of logistics.
On the basis of my examinations I will draw conclusions and offer suggestions regarding modifications in areas I consider most problematic.


logistics, glabalisation, EU

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