Criminal Law and Institutional - Managerial Aspects of Ensuring Safety in Rail Traffic. Selected Problems

Mirosław Antonowicz, Paweł Dziekański


This article offers insights into criminal law aspects of rail accidents on the ground of 4 E theory. The authors show correlations between offences against safety in transport and criminal repercussions of this incidents. The concept of    a rail disaster is scrutinized and the role of prevention  in the process of ensuring safety is highlighted. In the further part of the article the readers’ attention is turned to the role and methods of managing a public institution which acts as the National Security Agency (NSA) in rail transport. The article discusses some ideas for the NSA management modernising process as well as the viability of developing the concept of New Public Management and logistics in offices of public administration.


Rail disaster, New Public Management, Lean Management, Quality, National Security Agency (NSA)

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