Simulation Research of Order-Picking Processes in High-Bay Warehouses

Mariusz Kostrzewski


In the paper an effort to use a pre-defined simulation model of a high-bay warehouse was made. It was done in order to research dynamic changes of material-flow in such a logistics facility. The paper consists of brief information about research tools e.g. Siemens Tecnomatix® Plant Simulation software and the logistics facility designing method, pre-defined by author of the paper (the method considers supplementary option, which is the sub-optimisation of functional and spatial areas inside a warehouse being designed with using the method). In addition, phases of the simulation research procedure are briefly described in the paper. The simulation research procedure is defined by author of the paper and it especially consists of constructing and using any simulation model. Chosen results of the research are enriched by some conclusions. Besides, the paper contains suggestions about forthcoming considerations of the research matter.


simulation, warehouse designing, order-picking process, short-time planning

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