Feasibility and Usage of RFID in Small and Medium-sized Companies in Germany and the Netherlands

Wilhelm Mülder, Martina Braun


This article describes results of an analysis of RFID projects carried out in cooperation of small and medium sized Enterprises (SME), Fontys Hogescholen, Venlo, Netherlands and Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Moenchengladbach, Germany. Main content and questions are:
Who can be a driver and main beneficiaries of the potential of RFID for SME?
What are the main objectives to use RFID?
Which RFID applications are suitable?
Which RFID technologies are used in SME?


Radio Frequency Identification ; Case studies in SME ; RFID applications ; asset management ; Identification of objects ; UHF ; HF ; RFID; RFID Hardware ; Cost-Benefit Analysis

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