Transport provision of animals evacuation

Mária Lusková, Miroslav Tomek


The negative impacts of emergency events affect the animals as well as the man. In case of emergency event the animals, unlike the man, have minimum chance to survive and majority of afflicted animals would perish without the human help. Animals´ evacuation to secure place is one of the form of animals´ protection against the effects of emergency events. Animals´ evacuation is the complex of legislative, organizing and logistic measures with aim to prevent their perishing and so eliminate possible occurrence of dangerous epidemiological situations and prevent damage occurrence. The animals' evacuation is generally controlled by evacuation commission, which uses "Animals Evacuation Plan". Time needed for the evacuated animal to leave the endangered place or stable is the next decisive factor of secure and speedy evacuation. All types of transport can be used for transport of evacuated animals from endangered place. Loading and unloading the animals is very important part of evacuation. During the transport the driver has to observe certain specific principles of security journey with respect to transported animals. Comprehensive animals evacuation is one of the conditions of their early rescue. Decisive role belongs to the man.


animal evacuation; transport safety

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