Reverse logistics encompasses the logistics activities all the way from used products no longer required by the user to products again usable in a market

Marcin Plewa


In reverse logistics systems demand can be satisfied with production or procurement and any kind of reuse option. The used products are brought back, stored and reused in due time to satisfy the demand. Same part of this flow can be also disposed of. Inventory management has a significant meaning in reverse logistics. The goal of his paper is to investigate EOQ/EPQ models in reverse logistics. First EOQ model in reverse logistics was created by Schrady in 1967. Along the same line of research, new models were created by Nahmias and Rivera, Mabini et al., Richter, Dobos, Saadany and Jaber. These models are very interesting but as a deterministic are also very difficult to use in practice.


EOQ model; logistics systems

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